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Our Process

Our Process

Die Tool Manufacturing

A single or multi cavity of procudt is prepared in form of metal with ading all the contraction of wax & metal to make wax pattern, which will match shape & dimention of casting parts.

Wax Injection

Virgin Or Re-Claimed wax in semi liquid form is injected in single or multi-cavity die tool by using Wax injection press (Fully Auto, Semi Auto, Manually Operated). These processes will give wax pattern which will be the model of parts intended for casting.

Wax Pattern Assembly

Clean wax pattern are assembled on runner with all handling and knock off arrangements for next process. this process is backed by methoding Engineer

Shell Building

First, Primary Coating applied on wax pattern assembly by using ceramic slurry & sand, surface finish is depend up primary coating & wax pattern surface. Then repeated back-up coating will apply with defined drying time to form a self supporting "shell"

Cast Shells Release

After cooling of cast shells, ceramics are removed by mechanical vibration and then parts are separated by cut-off machines or gas-arc cutting machines.


At De-waxing stage wax are melted out by applying heat (Using Auto Clave). Now, shells having cavities inside.

Melting Cast Shells

Shells are pre-heated at specific tempurature & time. Specific molted metal are melt in induction melting furnace. De-gassed & De- slaged molted metal poured in pre-heated shells at specific temperature.


Seperated parts are heat-treated, gate grinding & surface cleaning depending up on requirement of finish products.

Final Inspection

Finish products of investment casting are inspected visually & dimensionally as per customer supplied drawing, purchase order & technical data sheet.