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Company Overview

Company Overview

"To build an organization on shared values that will drive our people to achieve extraordinary results.”

With such high capacities and technology to support, we are targeting Indian and International markets. We understand that India is fast becoming the manufacturing hub of most of the western countries. Companies with the best product offering will win on the long run and we seem to be adequately equipped to supply products of ASTM, DIN, IS, JIS and BS standards.

Catering to Indian markets has always been a matter of pride for us since last 25 years and now we are targeting global market.

We have a 3D Modelling, Simulation and Methodist software to ensure truly sound casting. It also gives indications of porosity, blowholes, etc that may arise due to a wrong design, thus helping us to reduce our lead time of development. With this tool in hand, we save a lot of trial time and are pretty sure of the first application, that we will get the best products rolled out for our customers, in time.

Passion for Quality
No quality no customers, or great quality great customers. We have three major focuses for quality improvement, namely, people, processes and products in that order.

Health, Safety & Environment
Every business exists for the betterment of the society and not for its ill bringing. Keeping the ethic in our conscience we are committed to protect the environment in every way that is required as well as that can add to the society’s well being.

In no way will we bring any harm to the society. We will setup pollution control norms and treat people connected to us in a Law abiding manner.

Passion for People
We are also passionate about people-the people in our communities, the people who work with us either as employees or agents and our customers.

We are passionate about providing a rewarding and desirable workplace for our employees. We understand the importance of plans for attracting and retaining quality employees.

Passion for Customer
The key person in our quality cycle is the customer. Clients needs and designs are the most important aspect of our products. The challenges that you put before us enables us to grow beyond our thinking to a new dimension. To ensure that we never stop learning and hence we always remain ahead of our competition, making us the best choice for our customers.